WASHINGTON (Web Desk) – Republican presidential runner Donald Trump will be the next to rule White House despite all odds ‘if it is to count media mentions instead of ballots’ as he remains media’s favourite guy since he started presidential campaign.

According to Trend Kite, a platform which continuously monitors media coverage of presidential candidates, Trump has grabbed 26% of total media mentioned followed by Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton with only 15% of mentions.

The stats that include media mentions from June 2015 show that Donald Trump earned 2,180,277 total mentions while Hillary Clinton was far far second with 1,269,383 total mentions.

Incumbent US President Barack Obama remained top third most mentioned in media although he is not running for the White House anymore after having completed two continuous tenures.

Jeb Bush and Ben Carson are other two top mentioned presidential candidates who gained 812,104 (10%) and 636,771 (8%) total mentions.

The reasons much media mentions of Mr Donald Trump are definitely his controversial statements which included “I love Muslims,” “ban all Muslims entering to US,” and “close down internet.”

And moreover his media mentions graphs is witnessing another peak these days and if the presidential polls are held today instead of November 8, 2016 and media mentions are counted instead of ballots, DOnald Trump is definitely going to win.