NEW DELHI – A 45-year-old woman has been murdered by her brother in a town of north Delhi, for her life insurance money.

Police found that the accused, Kamal, had insured the life for Rs5 million as a Rakshabandhan gift and killed her to claim the insurance amount. He tried to frame his brother-in-law for the murder, the Times of India reported.

Anita owned two small houses in the same locality in Burari where her brother lives with his family.

On the night of the murder, Kamal went to his sister’s place and slept there. Her husband, Gandhari (51), a daily wage labourer, came in late and slept on the first floor. After making sure that both Anita and her husband were fast asleep, he let in his second wife’s two brothers – Chandan and Kundan – into the house.

The trio slit Anita’s throat in her sleep with a meat cleaver. They used a pillow to stop the blood from spreading in the room. After ensuring that she was dead, they killers left.

Kamal has confessed to having committed the crime on interrogation.