KARACHI – A young man in Karachi is bearing the brunt of rescuing a family from robbery at late night when apparently there were no patrolling police officers to provide security to commuters.

Mazhar Ali, a resident of Karachi, turned to Facebook on Monday and shared the shocking incident that took place with him at late night.

Mazhar in his Facebook status writes, “I was coming from Agha khan hospital at about 3 am tonight and saw 2 snatchers in a bike mugging a family in white Alto. They pointed a gun at me, warning me to go or either get shot. I slowed down my speed and they again started looting the family. I was so confused that i decided to hit their bike with my car. I hit them so bad that both of them fell down”

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Satisfied with the criminals gone and escaped, Mazhar returned to his home, not knowing that his ‘virtuous deed’ would cast serious repercussions on him.

According to Mazhar, on his arrival back at home, a group of police officials appeared out of thin air shouting oye seedha kharra hoja warna goli mardengy tu nashay may hai or tu peechay bike pe 2 bando ko maar ker aaya hai, thanay chal(Hands up! You have thrashed two innocent men, you are high on drugs, come to police station with us).

However, after a verbal exchange, Mazhar’s CNIC was confiscated and warned if the robbers succumb to their injuries, “Mazhar will be brought before the court.”

” Even though those snatchers wouldn’t be that injured but police had to create some panic.. Now what will they do with the copy my CNIC?” asked Mazhar who is feeling miserable and helpless for getting his CNIC confiscated for no legit reason at all.

The question that this incident gives rise to is, where is the police when the citizens need them the most? “Is police accomplices to the criminals?” as Mazhar questioned.