KUWAIT – Believe it or not, a monkey in Kuwait is facing deportation for its drug addiction, which has caused authorities to consider the animal’s expatriation to homeland in Indonesia.

The drug-addled monkey was found by a Police officer who was checking a car that was involved in an accident. During the inspection, the Police official was shocked to see that apart from the driver – who was under the influence of drugs – the monkey was also in an inebriated state.

As investigations were carried out, its owner admitted that he continuously supplied his monkey with drugs till it had become addicted, because he wanted to have some company and “fun”.

The Interior Ministry handed over the animal to the General Commission for Agriculture and Marine Resources, which kept it in an animal park to ensure its safety.

It also established contacts with the Indonesian Embassy, urging the ‘deportation’ of the one-year old orangutan to live in its original habitat in Sumatra.