OSLO (Web Desk) – Firemen in Norway came to the rescue Friday of a man who tried to pick up a lost cell phone from the public toilet, but got stuck.

Cato Berntsen Larsen, 20, was able to climb through the toilet seat opening to recover the phone lying at the bottom of the outhouse, but was unable to climb back out again.

“I was obviously slim enough to get into it, but not slim enough to get out. I was down there for one hour, and it was very unpleasant”, Larsen says to the local newspaper Drammens Tidende, which was the first news medium to report the story.

“First we tried to get the phone with a stick but that didn’t work. So I jumped in,” he told daily VG.

“I was down there an hour, I was panicking,” he said, adding there were “animals” crawling on his body.

The public toilet is not connected to the sewer. It is an old-fashioned outhouse with a large tank underneath the toilet seat.

The phone was not recovered.