BEIJING – Following an attack on Syria, China has sent 150,000 troops and medical supplies to its North Korean border fearing a refugee crisis in case US launches airstrike, reported Mirror news.

Donald Trump’s order to carry out attack on Syria last week in retaliation for President Assad’s chemical weapons’ attack has alarmed China, it is believed.

Japan’s daily newspaper Sankei claimed that China was considering it a “warning” of a possible attack on North Korea.

Trump and his team met with China’s President Xi Jinping last week and North Korea’s nuclear programme was on top of the agenda alongside trade, international media reported.

Over the weekend, reports spread via Chinese social media that medical supplies and troops were being moved to the border of North Korea.

One picture shared widely online claimed to show a line of military trains moving around Shenyang, a city just over 200 miles from the North Korean border. Submarine fleets have also been sent to the area, it was reported.

On March 17, the United States gave a clear message to North Korea on its escalating nuclear weapons’ programme that pre-emptive military action is an “option on the table”.

During his visit to South Korea, Washington’s top diplomat Rex Tillerson said that the country’s “strategic patience” with N. Korea was over, adding that “the option was on the table” if threats from the regime escalated.

Before meeting the Chinese president, Trump had said that the United States was ready to act alone if China did not want to solve the nuclear threat from North Korea.