JERUSALEM – A Palestinian father, in desperation, recently offered his young son to be shot dead by Isreali military while protesting against the terrific killings of Palestinian children by occupation forces, a recently-surfaced online video shows.

The protest took place in the villages of Nilin and Bilin near the city Modiin Illit in the West Bank. During the rally, participants carried pictures of their relatives allegedly killed by Israeli forces.

At one moment in the video, a desperate father expresses his helplessness by mockingly urging military officials to shoot his son.

The Israeli media, however, has portrayed this gesture of protest as an attempt to “exploit” his son and “turn” him into the “latest martyr,” without providing details on the nature of the protest.

According to the UNICEF, at least 2134 Palestinian children have been killed by Israeli forces since 2000, while the number of detained Palestinians also rose to the highest in seven years in 2015.