WASHINGTON – In a rare show of reconciliation, US president Donald Trump said on Monday that he was ready to meet North Korean firebrand leader Kim Jong-Un.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Trump expressed that it would be an honour for him to visit Kim, whom he termed a ‘pretty smart cookie’, a day earlier.

“If it would be appropriate for me to meet with him, I would – absolutely. I would be honoured to do it,” said Donald Trump adding that the meeting should be under the right circumstances.

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Trump’s comments came amid burgeoning tension between US and North Korea due to the vehement stance of the latter regarding its nuclear programme.

But hours, after the tycoon turned president, showed willingness to meet Kim, White House issued a statement and clarified that North Korea would need to meet many conditions before a constructive sit-down.

More importantly, spokesman Sean Spicer said the current conditions were not right in North Korea.

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It bears mentioning that no sitting president of United States ever met North Korean head and the probability of Trump sharing frame with Kim looks dim partially owing to extreme positions taken by both the countries.