NEW YORK – Russia has vetoes the UN resolution seeking an end to aerial bombardment in the Syrian city of Aleppo, further soaring the tensions between Washington and Moscow.

During the session of the Security Council, Russian ambassador Vitaly Churkin, who was also presiding over the world body, cast vote against the resolution tabled by France and Spain jointly.

The resolution sought an end to all aerial bombardment in Aleppo where millions of people remain besieged. It also asked Russia and Syria to stop overflights of Aleppo.

The resolution further called on all of the stakeholders to resume the previously agreed ceasefire and the delivery of humanitarian supplies to residents of Aleppo.

On the occasion, China and Angola abstained from voting while Venezuela and Russia were the only countries to vote against the resolution.

Later on, a Russian resolution which did not mention call for an end to the aerial bombardment was tabled, however, nine countries voted against and the resolution was rejected. Only four countries favoured the resolution.