Two British tourists among 7 injured in Paris knife attack

  • Police arrest the suspect who is said to be an Afghan national

PARIS – Seven people, including two British tourists, were injured in Paris after they come under latest knife attack on Sunday.

The incident occurred on the banks of the Bassin de la Villette in the north-east of the capital where a man armed with a knife and iron bar launched the terrifying attack, which bystanders also tried to stop.

The popular hotel, cinemas and cultural venues are located in this area. Four of the victims are said to be in critical condition.

Police have arrested a suspect, who is believed to be an Afghan national, while a further investigation into the matter is underway. The officials denied that it was a terrorist attack.

Le Parisien newspaper said one of the British tourists received an injury in his chest while the other suffered head injury.

An eyewitness described the situation that he saw a man holding a knife was being chased by a group of people who were throwing Petanque balls at him.

The onlooker added that four-five balls hit the attacker. In order to save himself from the group of people, the attacker hid behind the two British tourists.

At that time, he attacked the foreign nationals.

France has seen several knife attacks in recent months, with ruling out terrorism in most of the cases.