AUSTIN – A Pakistani Muslim family was subjected to a vicious, anti-Islamic tirade from a drunk American man while attending a family reunion on South Padre Island, Texas.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by user Noria Alward, a drunk man can be seen hurling Islamophobic insults referencing Sharia Law and ISIS.

According to RT, Alward and her family were warned by several people on the beach that the man had been causing problems and was drunk.

Noria’s father engaged the man in a brief conversation, allegedly saying: “please enjoy your time and have fun and let everyone else here enjoy their time.”

The man screamed “ISIS don’t mean s*** to me, motherf***er. “Donald Trump, Donald Trump, motherf***er.”

He also squared up aggressively to one of the men who approached him and jabbed his finger aggressively.

Ms Alward said their children witnessed the appalling abuse as they were playing in the sand nearby at the time.

She added: “‘After about 20 minutes of him going crazy, he went back to the hotel. “The police then came back and they arrested the man at the hotel restaurant.”