Mahsa Amini death – At least 50 killed, over 700 arrested in Iran protests

03:15 PM | 24 Sep, 2022
Mahsa Amini death – At least 50 killed, over 700 arrested in Iran protests
Source: A screengrab of Twitter video

OSLO – At least 50 people have so far been killed and more than 700 arrested after Iranian security forces launched a crackdown against week-long protests sparked across the country after the police murder of a young woman Mahsa Amini.

The death toll was confirmed by an Oslo-based NGO Iran Human Rights, stating that the death toll increased after six people lost their lives in a crackdown by security forces in Rezvanshahr town.

The causalities are said to have been recorded in more than 80 cities, with most killings reported in Babol, Amol and Rezvan Shahr towns.

Reports said that the 22-year-old girl, who was of Kurdhish origin, had travelled to Tehran with her family to visit relatives when she was arrested by Guidance Patrol officers for allegedly not wearing headscarf in a proper way on September 14. She was declared dead at Kasra Hospital on September 16, with activists claiming that she had been tortured during the detention.

A video shared on social media shows a group of Iranian women throwing their headscarves in fire to record protest against the murder in a rally in Saveh city of Iran.  

Human rights groups have also reported deaths in the northern Kurdistan region, where Amini is from.

The Iranian forces have detained 748 protesters in northern province of Gilan as efforts underway to suppress the unrest. 

Meanwhile, demonstrations were held in various Iranian cities to counter the anti-government unrest started with the death of Amini.

President Ebrahim Raisi has announced to tackle the protests decisively. Calling the event riot, he urged masses to distinguish between protests and plot against public order and security. 

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