CHICAGO – A video of police officers dragging a passenger from an overcrowded United Airlines flight on social media sent people into a rage.

In the video, officers could be seen pulling the screaming man from a window seat and dragging him by his arms off Flight 3411, as the passenger bled from the mouth.

It was being reported that the airline was trying to make room for four of its employees on the Sunday evening flight to Louisville, Ky.

In the video, the other passengers can be heard saying, “Please, my God,” ”What are you doing?” ”This is wrong,” ”Look at what you did to him,” and “busted his lip.”

#flythefriendlyskies @united no words. This poor man!!

— Kaylyn Davis (@kaylyn_davis) April 10, 2017

He was reportedly a doctor who said he had to be in Louisville Monday for work and would not leave his seat, according to a Twitter account by a passenger who said he was on the flight.