The search for the woman began after the videos went viral


KSA- A young woman using the alias Lamya was arrested after her indecent videos of partying on Snapchat went viral over social media. Her videos contains “explicit” stuff like getting intoxicated, talking about men and bottles of liquor.

The woman from Jeddah and who was living with her parents knew she could do all that online with a fake identity so tracing her was a bit more difficult.

After the videos went viral people started to shame her for what she was doing and how she was partying. Quick backlash was seen and people were furious and took to Twitter to express themselves.

Quick arrest was the demand:

“This is the best news ever.”

Some just thought the arrest was well deserved:

“She deserves this.”

Yeah exactly? 

“You might as well jail half our population.”

After the action was taken by the authorities it is believed that the defendant might face 5 years in prison and will be charged under the harsh anti-cybercrime law. According to Article six of the legislation, any person found producing, preparing, or publishing material “impinging on public order, religious values, public morals, and privacy, through the information network or computers, can face legal consequence”.