NESTLÉ EVERYDAY Pakistan sets the KHAAS World Record for the love of mix chai

11:11 AM | 3 Feb, 2018
NESTLÉ EVERYDAY Pakistan sets the KHAAS World Record for the love of mix chai

LAHORE - The wait is finally over! This past month the #KHAASWorldRecord by NESTLÉ EVERYDAY Pakistan has been building up the suspense every day! The whole of Pakistan vigorously showed their love for Mix Chai and voted to make the world’s largest saucepan. From celebrities to artists to musicians there was no one who wasn’t eager to be a part of a huge Guinness World Record.

After this long wait nothing makes us more excited to say that NESTLÉ EVERYDAY Pakistan has successfully created the #KHAASWorldRecord by preparing MIX CHAI in the WORLD’S LARGEST SAUCEPAN. We have about 21 core people in this country who are completely distinct form one and other, however, our love for Mix Chai brought us all together and led us to create something this huge. Yes, you read that right; if you voted for your love then you definitely also were a colossal part in making this Guinness World Record.

Once again we have proved that our tea crazy nation will always be there to show their undying love for Mix Chai. Pakistan is a country of hidden talents and today with NESTLÉ EVERYDAY Pakistan, we have proved to the world that no matter what challenge is thrown our way we can do it all. It makes us extremely happy to see companies like NESTLÉ taking an initiative and bringing all of Pakistan together with such energetic things that project our positive image onto the world.

Congratulations to NESTLÉ EVERYDAY Pakistan along with the entire nation to have successfully completed this new World Record with the gigantic saucepan!