Dior just set a new fashion trend at the 2018 Couture Week!

01:54 PM | 26 Jan, 2018
Dior just set a new fashion trend at the 2018 Couture Week!
Christian Dior is a brand that has long been associated with the most lavish of lifestyles and is synonymous with high fashion and style. With each passing year, we eagerly await what Dior will bring next to the runway, whether it is their luxury bags or their unique and exciting new fashion trends.

And this year was no different as Dior turned up with an equally striking collection that was out of this world!

Christian Dior models graced the runway with bewilderingly intricate masks and what was even more mind-boggling was how the bold onyx eyes that Peter Phillips conjured up still managed to steal the spotlight! However, the best part of the night were the surreal tattooed statement 'necklaces'.



According to a report by Vogue, the phrases have been taken from the founder of the Surrealist movement, Andre Breton. Some phrases on the models read as 'Au départ il ne s'agit pas de comprendre mais bien d'aimer', which can be translated as; 'In the beginning it is not a matter of understanding, but of loving.' Another phrase went;'L'amour est toujours deviant vous. Aimes!' which translates to 'Love is always before you. Love!' And the last phrase was; L'imaginaire est ce qui tend à devenir reel which translates as The imaginary is what tends to become real.

The guests seated for the show also received detailed translations of the tattoos which are a lesson to all those who think that the fashion industry is merely superficial. Attention to detail and dedication is something we can all learn from Dior!

 While speaking on the collection, Maria Grazia Chiuri for Dior said, "Because haute couture is a dream of fashion. It’s a place where there are no limits to pushing boundaries and experimenting with technique, material and form. Only the inevitable theatricality of my life interests me."

With incredibly quirky names like Fini, Illusion, Vertigo and Psychose, the collection was a sure win with millennials who are all for outrageously whimsical and unique fashion trends.