Five ways to flawlessly apply your concealer

06:59 PM | 2 Sep, 2020
Five ways to flawlessly apply your concealer

Perhaps, we’re all aware of how much a game changer a good concealer can be. Be it puffy eyes, dark circles, acne, or any sort of pigmentation. A concealer has pretty much got you covered, no matter what your trouble may be. Find the right skin match is, without a doubt, the most important criterion for good concealing properties. However, we often make some mistakes, which makes our face look more caked up than anticipated. Here, we’ll point out some common mistakes to be avoided for a flawless and invisible concealer application.

Start with the perfect canvas

Now what we mean to say here is that you need to make sure you apply your concealer on a clean face. A clean face doesn’t mean dirt or makeup-free but also implies that it should be free of dead skin. Dead skin cells make your skin look dull, and your concealer might end up looking flaky and exaggerate smile/fine lines rather than curb them. It’s best to scrub your face, chemically or physically, before applying your makeup.


Once your skin is super smooth as a result of the scrubbing, you should put a decent layer of moisturizer on your skin to make sure that your concealer will glide onto your skin rather than accumulate in areas making it look unnatural.

Pick the right shade

One great mistake most people do is picking the wrong shade. Since the purpose of a concealer is to hide away imperfections like dark circles or pigmentation, which happens a bit darker than your overall complexion. You should always pick a darker shade than your skin tone, but perfect for your blemish. The wrong shade of concealer can end up turning your skin look ashy or orangy, and it’s not a very likely situation.

Use foundation first

If you’re going for a heavy look that requires a foundation, always start with the foundation first. There’s an elementary logic behind this. When you dab foundation all over your face, you need less concealing that way since half of the work has already been done. That way, you won’t overuse your concealer.

Focus on the inner corners

I’m sure we all have seen videos of makeup artists applying a great ton of concealer under their eyes. But that’s really a very wrong take on applying a concealer. The correct way to apply concealer will be to put most of the product near your eyes' inner corner, and in a blending motion, you should move outwards. Since the inner corners are the dullest, once you brighten them up, voila, you’ll look fresh as ever.

Follow these few simple steps, and you’ll witness the difference they make. Just remember to set your face wherever you apply the concealer (that too lightly), and you’re good to go!