Post Office to deliver Pakistani expatriates’ remittances free of cost: Murad Saeed

01:29 PM | 4 Jun, 2019
Post Office to deliver Pakistani expatriates’ remittances free of cost: Murad Saeed
ISLAMABAD - Minister for Communication and Postal Services Murad Saeed Monday said Post Office had started a service to let expatriates send remittances to their families in Pakistan free of cost.

Speaking at an event on Monday, he said Post Office had signed an agreement with National Bank for free of cost delivery of remittances from abroad.

The minister said the Post Office had 673 franchises and its network would be expanded to 27000 branches.

The service for sending of remittances through Post Office would help in ending transfer of money through hawala and hundi, he added.

Murad said foreign remittances by the overseas Pakistanis had increased during the tenure of the present government. He appealed to overseas Pakistanis to play their role in development of Pakistan and send money through legal channels.

900 persons had signed up with Post Office to get logistics services for their businesses, he said adding the number of small businesses linked to Post Office would be increased to 10000.

“We will talk to Commerce Ministry and issue a subsidy card on export of products. Through subsidy cards, cheap logistics will be provided and in collaboration with Overseas Ministry, Post Office will also provide marketing and advertising services to exporters and small businesses.”

The subsidy cards by Post Offices will help increase exports, encourage young businessmen and boost economy, he noted.

He said Made in Pakistan products would be promoted, adding Post Office delivered 76,000 parcels on basis of cash and delivery.

He said Postal department had initiated services of e-commerce and electronic money order with facility to send Rs 50000 with fee of Rs 500. The private companies are charging Rs 2500 for the same amount. He said the Prime Minister was determined to provide more facilities to overseas Pakistanis.

Pledge to spend national money on public welfare

Minister for Communication and Postal Services, Murad Saeed on Monday pledged to spend national money on welfare of poor masses of the country.

Talking to a private news channel, the minister vowed that the looted money would be brought back from the corrupt elements, and spent for the welfare projects benefiting the common man.

Elaborating the initiatives taken by his ministry soon after taking powers, he said we have generated over 11 billion rupee revenue from the postal services.

He said those elements who made irregularities and corruption had been terminated from their posts.

Murad Saeed further stated that we had to face Rs. 52 billion deficit due to mishandling of the past governments, adding all out efforts were being made to improve the system.

The minister said issues of mishandling in awarding contracts to toll plazas had also been removed. He added that directives had been issued to concerned for auditing of toll plazas.

In replying to a question, he said the relevant record asked by the national accountability bureau (NAB), had been provided.

To another question, he said Prime Minister Imran Khan was the first leader of the country who realized genuine problems of people.

Commenting on protest demonstration being launched by opposition, he said Bilawal Bhutto and Maryam were launching protest campaign just to save their fathers from corruption cases.

He said the corrupt elements involved in plundering the national money would not be spared, adding the money would be brought back at all cost for spending on poors.

About Opposition, he said whenever they visited assembly sessions, the Opposition parties had habits to start hue and cry over non-issues.

He said last governments of Pakistan Peoples Party and Pakistan Muslim League-N, had approached International Money Fund (IMF), programs many times during tenures.