Samsung set to launch 55-inch digital whiteboard today

12:38 PM | 8 Jan, 2018
Samsung set to launch 55-inch digital whiteboard today
LAS VEGAS - South Korean electronics giant Samsung is going to unveil it's Flip, 55-inch digital whiteboard today, that can be flipped between portrait and horizontal orientations.

The Samsung Flip board is designed for meeting rooms and features a height-adjustable stand. The product which would be rolled out at the Consumer Electronics Show can be wheeled around the office easily.

The Samsung Flip supports multi-user engagement and allows up to four different users to introduce content on the 4K UHD resolution screen at the same time using their fingers or a dual-sided pen. The Samsung Flip is powered by the Tizen 3.0 OS platform.

Samsung’s Flip also includes wireless connectivity, USB, PC, and mobile ports so you can connect pretty much any device to the display.

You can even share the contents of the screen itself to other PCs, smartphones, and tablets. The company is going to start selling the Flip to businesses later this month. It hasn’t confirmed as yet how much it’s going to cost.