Fiery horned Krampus takes to streets in Munich ahead of Christmas

11:14 AM | 11 Dec, 2017
MUNICH - A Christmas tradition that would give the Grinch the chills, Krampus, the half goat half demon, was out and about at the Munich Christmas markets on Sunday, making sure all the girls and boys have been good this year.

The procession, known as the 'Krampus Run', is an annual event that takes place at the Christmas market in Munich's Marienplatz.

During the run, attendees wearing masks depicting the beast make their way through crowds occasionally picking out individuals to 'beat' them.

The tradition comes from Austro-Bavarian Alpine folklore, where Krampus is portrayed as a beast that punishes misbehaving children as a contrast to St. Nicholas.

This is believed to be why Krampus is often referred to as Santa's 'evil sidekick' or similar.