Corruption behind disarray, sexual harassment at Atif Aslam concert

04:46 PM | 16 Jan, 2017
Corruption behind disarray, sexual harassment at Atif Aslam concert
KARACHI - Social media is rife with horror stories of what took place at a recent Atif Aslam and Abida Parveen concert in Karachi organized by Munik (Model United Nations IBA Karachi).

According to reports, dozens of girls were molested and sexually harassed at the venue. Many concert-goers are blaming it on mismanagement. However, it has been revealed to Daily Pakistan the actual cause of mismanagement was the alleged unscrupulous corruption by the IBA students managing the event.

Talking to Daily Pakistan on the condition of anonymity, one of the organizers revealed that the event management had sold thousands of fake tickets (costing between PKR 3000-5000) that were unauthorized by the university. This, he said, was a popular way to make money in student-run events.

He said students who were assigned to print and distribute the tickets had forged a large number of extra tickets in order to earn more money. "The venue was not spacious enough to accommodate people in such a large quantity, nor did the university expect such a huge crowd," he said, adding that most of them entered the venue using forged tickets.

The organizers were unable to handle the large number of extra people, when then broke barricades to flood into VIP enclosures, causing mayhem and sexual harassment, he said.