Efficient provision of e-health care need of the hour

11:31 PM | 18 Jul, 2020
Efficient provision of e-health care need of the hour

Amidst this catastrophic pandemic, numerous shortcomings in the health sectors of cities throughout Pakistan have surfaced which need to be addressed. Meanwhile, A Lahore based online one-stop pharmaceutical health care solution provider; EasyMED has taken up the task to make up for such shortcomings by creating health care accessible, affordable, and cheap for everyone under every circumstance. Founded in January 2020, it is a platform that aims to revolutionize the way health care is perceived in our country. EasyMED provides medicines, lab testing, lifestyle-related, and fitness products at the doorstep of the consumers under an hour at the same price that the consumers would have paid for at any retail pharmacy.

The current circumstances nationwide make it very clear that methodologies that had previously been adopted in regards to fulfilling day to day tasks will no longer be considered as a primary resort as complying with SOP's and maintaining social distancing has become a necessity and will soon become a normal segment of our lifestyles. The start-up's primary purpose in regards to the end consumers is to develop a sense of prioritization for health while creating efficiency in their lifestyles and making the whole health care process hassle-free.

Although the comfort being offered to the end consumers should be enticing enough to convert them to avail services of E-Health platforms, yet building customer trust relationships seems to be a grave challenge for online service providers due to the lack of trust being built over time by online service providers that had offered poor services. To cope up with this, EasyMED has partnered with more than 27 licensed, authentic, and credible pharmacies and laboratories throughout Lahore. This strategic business model provides the company with the advantage of having a diverse portfolio of medicines while ending all the reservations of people regarding the authenticity of medicinal products. Furthermore, the efficient and timely catering of orders by an in-house logistics team of EasyMED has ensured a high retention and satisfaction rate of customers.

Considering the fragility of the current times and recognizing the arising reluctance amongst masses about going to the hospitals and clinics to get themselves checked in person; EasyMED has collaborated with Sehat Kahani; a leading online doctor consultation provider whose ideological beliefs align with their business concept and is concentrated on utilizing human capital while playing its part in eradicating health poverty. While E-Consultation might not be sufficient for treating chronic patients, it has proved to be immensely beneficial for the ad hoc patients and the general public as it lessens the chances of contracting Coronavirus and is time-efficient. With this addition, they have successfully created an End value chain and made the tedious task of visiting the doctors and then going to multiple pharmacies Easy and Available under one roof.

Adil Javed along with his Co-Founder Shehroze and the highly competent team of EasyMED believes in giving back to society. For this very reason, they have been offering huge discounts and selling all the equipment related to COVID'19 at unmatchable low prices to ensure that no person is denied access to basic healthcare. CEO Adil Javed says " In perilous times such as these, it's imperative that every being especially the businessmen must forget about exploiting the situation to make profits and should shoulder with each other to lead humanity towards triumph against this deadly virus"

Formation of humanity-focused companies such as EasyMED is proving to be a silver lining to this devastating year.