US teen tries to poison mom twice, for taking away iPhone

01:23 PM | 24 Mar, 2015
US teen tries to poison mom twice, for taking away iPhone
BOULDER, Colorado (Web Desk) - Authorities in Colorado said a 12-year-old girl was taken into custody on allegations she tried to poison her mother twice as revenge for taking away her iPhone.

The Boulder County Sheriff's Office said the girl's mother noticed the smell of bleach coming from her smoothie shortly after she took away her 12-year-old daughter's iPhone.

“It's pretty scary,” Commander Heidi Prentup told a local TV channel. “She thought that her daughter had maybe just cleaned the glass and that there was still bleach left in it. Then she started feeling sick.”

Prentup said the woman's sickness passed, but a couple weeks later she discovered another bleach odour coming from a carafe of water in her bedroom.

"When she smelled the bleach in the carafe she confronted her daughter and her daughter told her that she was trying to kill her for taking her iPhone,” Prentup said.

Prentup said the girl was booked into the Boulder County juvenile center on two charges of attempted first degree murder.