Alif Ailaan launches 'Taleem Do' mobile application and online platform for citizen reporting

02:13 PM | 24 May, 2018
Alif Ailaan launches 'Taleem Do' mobile application and online platform for citizen reporting
ISLAMABAD - Alif Ailaan has launched a citizen reporting mobile app and online platform “Taleem Do!” at an event held in Islamabad.

Alif Ailaan is an education campaign that has been working for the last five years to make sure that Pakistan’s leaders understand the urgency of the education crisis.

According to the latest Pakistan Education Statistics report, there are 22.8 million children who are still out of schools in Pakistan. Moreover, the national average score in subjects like maths and science is below 50% as per the National Assessment Test 2016 report.

“Every Pakistani child deserves to be in school, and have the quality of education. Do government schools provide that chance to every Pakistani child?  The voice of the people of Pakistan can change this,” Said Alif Ailaan’s campaign director, Mosharraf Zaidi.

Talking about the vision behind the app, Alif Ailaan’s Head of Digital Media Imran Ghazali said that we developed this app “to enable and empower the Pakistani citizens to raise their voice for a strong, prosperous and educated Pakistan.”

Explaining the features of the application, Ghazali said that “through this application, people can report issues, read education-related stories, submit their pledges to support education reforms in Pakistan.”

The application works both on Android and iOs and gives the user the option to choose Urdu or English as the language.

The application has been developed for Alif Ailaan by DPL, an Islamabad based software hub comprising of young Pakistani developers. DPL’s CEO and senior member of PASHA, Syed said that we are really passionate about the cause of education reforms in Pakistan and with this application, we tried to give an easy tool to the people to highlight the issues they face in acquiring quality education from across Pakistan.

Alif Ailaan will push the content received through this app on their website and social media networks. Alif Ailaan hopes that in the upcoming general elections people will use this app to raise the demand for every single Pakistani child receiving a high-quality education.

The ‘Taleem Do’ online platform that has also been launched is to curate reporting and opinion from students, teachers, parents, opinion-makers and volunteers from across the country. These contributions will detail the quality of education, the state of basic facilities, the standards of teachings and the important policy issues that affect ordinary Pakistanis. The developers hoped that this collection of reports and analysis will help build pressure on candidates across the country to make education a more robust part of their electoral platform and use ‘Taleem Do’ as an important destination for opinion and information on education in 2018.

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