Innovative Biscuits takes Coke Fest by storm

04:50 PM | 24 Nov, 2018
Innovative Biscuits takes Coke Fest by storm
LAHORE — This festive season took off with Innovative Ice-Cream Sandwich Bar at Coke Fest – Innovative Biscuits brought a special treat for all visitors coming to their stall.

This time around, Innovative Biscuits brought back their very successful Ice Cream Sandwich Bar to their stall. Customers eagerly queued up to get a pack of Innovative Digestive Biscuits, they then chose their ice cream flavor and toppings and enjoyed a free Innovative Ice Cream Sandwich.

To make things more exciting, the stall had a “Mystery Machine” – a vending machine that had an intriguing “Try Me” Button. Every time someone walking by pressed the button, the entire area came to life. Lights flashed, sirens buzzed, confetti popped and a mystery hand from the machine delivered a surprise gift.

Visitors received packs of Innovative Biscuits, Board Games, flowers, pizzas and a lot more exciting prizes, a real throwback to the days  before social media, when people gathered around a vending machine and shared the experience together rather than on their phones.

A number of drones were flown from the Innovative Biscuits stalls. These drones had baskets attached to them carrying Innovative Biscuits. These baskets were flown to people in the crowd, and they received free packets of Innovative Digestive Biscuits.

The whole experience was really exciting for the visitors as the baskets flew to them and they were able to enjoy a new experience. Innovative Biscuits were the first ones to bring drone sampling to Pakistan at the previous Coke Fest.

Most importantly, Innovative Biscuits created an iDisconnect lounge at their stall. The lounge provided a seating area to the visitors, which let's face it, was a blessing as Coke Fest gets super crowded, where they were able to enjoy their meals in peace.

The catch was that they could use the area however way they like, but they had to lock their phone in the iDisconnect box and take a break from technology while they were in the lounge. To their surprise, many people enjoyed the experience as they eat in peace and got a real break from their social media lives. They relaxed and felt refreshed, and were able to create a connection with their loved ones while enjoying their meals.

Umair Mustafa, Head of Marketing at Innovative Biscuits said, “I’m really excited about the Innovative Biscuits’ stall at Coke Fest this year. We have created multiple activities to engage the visitors while creating exciting product experiences. But most importantly, we are excited to get people to disconnect from technology in order to create connections and enjoy this moment in real time.”