Saudi Arabia to appoint labor attaché to Pakistan this year

12:18 PM | 26 May, 2022
Saudi Arabia to appoint labor attaché to Pakistan this year
Source: Sattam Alharbi (LinkdIn)

RIYADH – Saudi Arabia has decided to appoint labor attaché to Pakistan for improving employment services and building active relationship between the two countries. 

The announcement was made by Deputy Minister of Human Resources and Social Development Sattam Alharbi, stating that an attaché will also be appointed in India. He said that the appointments would be made by the end of 2022. 

The kingdom has appointed same diplomats in the Philippines and Egypt as both countries are also source of migrant workers. 

Under the programme, the attaches will facilitate the recruitment procedures between the two countries; screening workers going to the kingdom and run awareness campaigns to educate people about Saudi Arabia’s labour and residency laws.

It will also be responsible to examine the difficulties being faced by expatriate employees in the Kingdom and address their issues. 

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