Netflix's Stranger Things - a treat for lovers of a bygone era

11:14 PM | 29 Jul, 2016
Netflix's Stranger Things - a treat for lovers of a bygone era
By now, everyone must have heard about Netlix's Stranger Things - the love letter to the 80's brought to us by the Duffer Brothers. Starring the it girl from the 90's, Winona Ryder, and featuring music from the 80's from artists like The Clash, Joy Division and Foreigner, Stranger Things really does sweep a 90's kid growing up in Pakistan off his feet.

Stranger Things

Filled with references to the works of Steven Spielberg and Stephen King, Stranger Things has everything you could ask for in a 80's throwback series. Building the show around the disappearance of a child? Check. An over-the-top stressed-out mother looking for that child and eventually getting people to believe she has lost it? Check. 3 dorks who happen to be friends with the lost child going out to look for their friend even when there are much older people looking for him? Check. A washed up police officer who couldn't make it in the big city anymore taking over the case? Check, check and check again.

Hell or glory, Stranger Things does not want anything in between, and is definitely one TV series that we feel you should give a spin this summer.

Final Rating - 9/10.