Marijuana smokers drive better than drunk drivers: US study

12:52 PM | 29 Jun, 2015
Marijuana smokers drive better than drunk drivers: US study

WASHINGTON DC (Web Desk) - A study, partially funded by the US federal government, suggests alcohol has a more extreme impact on drivers than marijuana.

According to CNN, researchers said alcohol "significantly increased lane departures/minimum and maximum lateral acceleration; these measures were not sensitive to cannabis."

On the contrary, researchers concluded Cannabis-influenced drivers "may attempt to drive more cautiously to compensate for impairing effects, whereas alcohol-influenced drivers often underestimate their impairment and take more risk."

The study was jointly funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Office on National Drug Control Policy, and federal safety regulator, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The participants drank alcohol to reach approximately 0.065% peak breath alcohol concentration, and inhaled vaporized marijuana or had a placebo.

Researchers said "alcohol, but not marijuana, increased the number of times the car actually left the lane and the speed of the weaving."