Campus Life

LAHORE (Talha Naseer) – Students of University of Central Punjab (UCP) visited Fatmid Foundation this week to express their solidarity and sympathies with the patients of thalassemia and haemophilia.

JZT team members encouraged patients and their parents by assuring them support and help.

fb_img_1480085421419The delegation also distributed gifts among the patients.

This visit was exclusively arranged for the new IVA members to aware them and to introduce them with the goals and cause of JZT.

The delegation of the students was headed by of Irfan Shafqat Javaid (IVA HEAD NEC), Talha Naseer (IVA HEAD UCP), Alina Yamin (General Secretary IVA UCP) and Gohar Khan ( Vice president JZT UCP ) joined them in this noble cause along with her team UCP. Apart from that Rahat Khan ( Event Head IVA )


JZT was started in 2010 and has been functional since then.

Fatimid foundation works for patients of thalassemia and haemophilia, and JZT is coordinating with them.