DUBAI – Emirates Airline has confirmed that one of its planes was involved in an “incident” at the Dubai International Airport, adding that no casualties from the incident had been reported yet.

The airline said in a statement on Twitter: “Emirates can confirm that an incident happened at Dubai International Airport on 3rd August 2016 at about 12.45pm local time.”

No further details have yet been released, however photos of large plumes of dark smoke coming from one of Emirates aircraft have received play on the media, with reports suggesting that the smoke had been caused by a crash landing.


Pictures of the incident posted on social media showed a thick black plume of smoke rising from the top of a burning plane.

A spokesperson for the Dubai media office, which represents the Emirate’s government, said the plane was flying in from India when it “crash-landed.”

“All passengers were evacuated safely and no injuries have been reported so far,” a Tweet added.

“Authorities at Dubai International Airport are dealing with the incident at the moment to ensure safety of all.”

Emirates Airline said there were 275 passengers and crew aboard the plane.