KARACHI (Web Desk) – Former President of Pakistan General (retd.) Parvez Musharraf has stated that Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) head Hakimullah Mehsud got Benazir killed on political tips.

He was speaking in TV show at ARY News.

While answering to the question, Musharraf said TTP top leader Hakimullah Mehsud got Benazir killed on political tip off.

He said Bilawal will find murderers of his mother and uncle (Murtaza Bhutto) around him.

Musharraf said he was unaware who washed out murder spot in Rawalpindi.

Commenting on MQM saga, he said the statement of murdering Altaf Hussain has been wrongly related to him, he never has said that.

When asked about extension of COAS General Raheel Shareef, former Army Chief said he is in support of Raheel Shareef’s extension, it will however be seen if he [Raheel Shareef] opts to take it or not.