ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said on Thursday that Pakistan will soon become a major destination for international companies willing to invest in the country due to the economic uplift.

The premier was addressing a meeting with 38 CEOs of international commercial organisations from 14 different countries here at PM House.

‘Pakistan is an expanding market for US products with a fast growing middle class. Pakistan will become a major destination for international companies,’ he said.

The premier termed the multi-billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) a key regional initiative with shared prosperity for all the Asian players.

Emphasising on the corridor, the prime minister said it will substantially lessen the distance between Africa and Middle East while linking these countries to Central and South Asian region.

PM Nawaz also went on to draw potential investors’ attention towards Pakistan’s strategic location as it enjoyed distinction owing to its connection with the rich central Asian states.

During the meeting, Nawaz Sharif highlighted the economic progress made under his chair adding that the economy faced severe energy shortages, inflationary pressures and a precarious security environment in 2013 when he took charge..

“Today, the government has managed to stabilise the economy despite unfavourable global economic conditions,” he claimed.

The premier said that the GDP growth before 2013 stood at 3%, and now the country is expected to achieve 5.5% GDP growth rate this year. He hoped that the economy would further grow.

The following executive attended the meeting:

– Mr Alessandro Benetton, CEO Benetton Autostrade Pvt Equity
-. Mr Tobias Luciano Benetton, Son of CEO
-. Mr Carlo D’ Amelio, CEO Sant’ Anna-Holding Ibl Bancal-Spa, Italy
-. Mr Lai Chang Wen, CEO Ninja Van, Singapore
-. Mr Henry Cookson, MD Henry Cookson Adventures, British
-. Mr Hua Qianni, Centre Director (East China), Singapore Consulate
-. Mr Raymond Lee, Owner Kolon Group, South Korea
-. Mr Fabio Corsico, Govt Affairs Director Kolon Group, Italy
-. Mr Ali Raza Siddiqi, Director JS Group, Pakistan
-. Mr Rob Rankin, Chairman Consolidated Press Holdings, Australia
-. Mr Justyna Hanna Kozicki, Swedish, Guest of Robert Rankin
-.Mr Sichen Huang, Afiniti Advisor, China
-. Mr Guo Ping, CEO Huawei, China
-. Ms Danying Guo, Daughter of Guo Ping, China
-. Mr Linchun Chi, Guest of Guo Ping, China
-. Mr Youghi Yang, Guest of Guo Ping, China
-. Mr Tanguy Catlin, Senior Partner Mckinsey, France
-. Mr Jin Yi Hugo Ou, Non ED Sinolink Worldwide Holdings, China
-. Mr Marco Alvera, CEO Snam, Italy
-. Mr Muhammad Ziaullah Khan Chishti, CEO the Resource Group, USA
-. Mr Julia Charlotte Chastel De Boinville, Clint Prog Manager Afiniti, UK
-. Mr Cecilia Braggiotti, MD Afiniti, Italy
-. Mr George Justin Murray, MD Afiniti, British
-. Mr Alonso Aznar Botella, Silent Programme Manager, Spain
-. Mr Benedict Constantin Faber, GM Afiniti, Deutsch
-. Mr Christopher Malcolm Farmer, EVP Afiniti, UK
-. Mr Jerome la Croix de Castries, Country Manager Afiniti, France
-. Mr Li Huanwu, GM Afiniti Singapore
-. Mr Thomas Hampden Inskip, MD Afiniti, UK
-. Mr Lucia Baresi, Client Programme Manager Afiniti, Italy
-. Mr Michel Grorges Portenier, EVP Afiniti, Swiss
-. Mr Timothy Gordon Raymond Nixon, GM Afiniti, Canada
-. Mr Archibald Soames, Sr Manager Afiniti, UK
-. Mr Hassan Afzal, Chief Technology Officer Afiniti, USA
-. Mr Julian Lopez Portillo, Client Program Manager Afiniti, UK
-. Mr Max Cooper Lintott, Client Program Manager Afiniti, UK
-. Mr Roy Wyatt Beau, Client Program Manager Afiniti, Australia
-. Mr Nadeem A. Elahi, MD & Country Head Pakistan, The Resource Group