ISLAMABAD – There is an old saying, “A mountain in labor and a mouse be result.” This is exactly what happened on Monday in Supreme Court when Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf submitted a whole book as an evidence against Sharif family in Panamagate.

According to the details, PTI chief Imran Khan on Monday submitted 686 pages in the apex court as evidence, out of which 286 pages were taken from the book – “Raiwind Sazish” (Raiwind conspiracy) – of so-called investigative journalist Asad Kharal.

Whereas rest of the ‘evidences’ (in the form of pages) are photocopies of different cases already disposed from various courts against ruling family which have nothing related to offshore companies in Panama and could not be used as concrete evidence.

As per details, the evidence provided by Kharal had already been rejected by the five-member bench of the Supreme court while dismissing his petition for becoming a party in Panama leaks case against PM Nawaz Sharif and his family.

The apex court has fixed Tuesday, November 15, as the last day for submitting the replies in the court and after that, no one can put forth any other evidence. However, the commission can ask for further documents relevant to the case.

The documents provided by the PTI chairman include details of different self-employment schemes like Yellow Cab scheme started by PML-N government, besides Nawaz Sharif’s ‘evil plans to divide the Army on the pressure of United States’.

An excerpt from Asad Kharal’s book.

Most of the documents are about Musharraf plane hijacking and other events of October 12, 1999.


The documents also mention a family in Britain which was used for opening offshore accounts, through which PM Nawaz earned $800 million.


Moreover, the PTI documents include a column – titled ‘I’m sorry to see you go, Nawaz Sharif, my friend – published in an English daily.


The article provides details of the expenditure on PM’s foreign tours, especially to Saudi Arabia for Umrah.


Reaction from Sharif family

Maryam Nawaz was the quickest to react to PTI’s submission of ‘evidences’ in Supreme Court. She said baseless allegations were being leveled against Sharif family.

Maryam took it to Twitter: