PM Imran draws lesser salary than his cabinet ministers

12:41 PM | 14 Mar, 2019
PM Imran draws lesser salary than his cabinet ministers
Lahore - Prime Minister Imran Khan’s salary slip has revealed that his salary is less than that of the federal ministers in his cabinet.

The details of his salary have been revealed to the media according to which being the prime minister of the country, Imran Khan only takes around Rs 2 lac salary.

According to the salary slip, his basic pay is Rs 107,280.

He gets an allowance of Rs 50,000 besides three adhoc relief allowances of Rs 21,456, Rs 12,110 and Rs 10,728.

After adding the allowances the prime minister draws a gross salary of Rs201,574 which is reduced to 196,979 after tax and other deductions.

This salary is even less than those of various ministers and chief ministers.

Earlier, the Punjab Assembly passed a bill with complete consensus, aiming at increasing the financial perks and privileges of the public representatives.

After the passage of the bill, the speaker’s salary jumped from Rs37,000 to Rs200,000 per month and his deputy would get Rs185,000 instead of Rs35,000.

The members (MPAs) are now entitled to Rs80,000 per month rather than Rs18,000 and their utility bills entitlement has gone up to Rs200,000 instead of earlier Rs120,000.