There is no absolute age to archive something in life! A Journalists mistook 63 years old American national  ‘Lyn Slater’ as an ordinary teacher for a Famous Star, and that made her a become a real star!

Lyn was a Teacher at Fordham University, Newyork. A single magical moment changed her life forever. She was once, waiting for a friend at some place, where the various shows of ‘Fashion Week’ were taking place, and some photographers standing nearby mistook the stylish woman for a famous personality in the fashion industry, and they began taking pictures, and a couple of journalists began asking questions. She became confused, but it was at that moment that her friend arrived, and started laughing at the situation. She said to her, ’Wow, you’ve unexpectedly become a style icon.’ ”

“I had always adored fashion and unusual clothes. But I’m a teacher, and my profession has its own rules: I have to dress sensibly for my lessons. This amusing incident encouraged me, and I decided to start writing a fashion blog where I could express myself. I called the blog Accidental Icon,” she told Grey Magazine.

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She gets invited to fashion shows and does some modeling. Major brands, such as Uniqlo, Refinery29, and Mango, have worked with her on projects, and the modeling agency Elite Model has signed a contract with Lyn.