When it comes to what men find attractive, women will always be confused. Although different things are liked by different men for different reasons, there’s always a mysterious standard when it comes to men. 

Women will always do their own thing, and that’s how it is always going to be. However, a part of us is still curious to know what exactly the good old magic formula is!

Less Makeup:

According to research, it has been proven that men are more attracted to a face with less or no makeup, rather than a face that looks like a crayon gang-bang!


Good Teeth:

Shiny white pearls are what every man dreams to have in his woman, or so science suggests. Yellow teeth, and decayed, infected gums are a strict no-no.


Red Lipstick:

Men are attracted to red lips, and there’s no question! Anyone can rock the red look, and look gorgeous. It is the colour that makes us women feel fierce and fiery. Bold & beautiful, red reflects the sexy goddess that resides inside each one of us.


A nice bottom:

Men find a larger waist to hip ratio considerably more attractive than a smaller waist to hip ratio, according to study.


Higher-pitched voices:

Ladies, if you’re made fun of because your squeaky, shrilly voices, be humiliated no more! Higher pitched voices are more attractive to men according to research.



Even though Blondes have been known world-wide to be few of the most beautiful women in the world, there is no question that men prefer darker haired women more than the light haired ones. Pakistani women, you are at an advantage!


Longer Arms:

This one was weird for us too, but according to research men prefer women with long, sleek arms rather than women with shorter, chubbier ones.


Ladies, take notes!