LAHORE – Ayyan Ali truly knows the colours of justice – white and black. This might be the reason she donned a black-and-white outfit on her 24th appearance in Rawalpindi court yesterday.

Exactly three months ago, the fashion model got released from the Adiala jail after spending four months despite not being charged with money smuggling.

She has appeared 24 times before the court but could not be indicted for the crime during the last 10 hearings.

Very calm and quiet, Ayyan Ali faces the media persons and huge gathering of lawyers every time she enters the court premises.

The fashion model has well learnt the art of signifying her ‘innocence’ and ‘truth’ through the Black and White in absolute sense. However, she has badly failed to nullify the grey area surrounding her modelling career, political affiliations and jail time.

She may not have yet been charged with the crime, but the truth is that in the eyes of public, she is guilty already. The only things matters now is that the justice system shows its true colours.