Fashion Forecast: Here are top 10 fashion trends that will be popular in 2016

A new year has begun. We welcome the year 2016 and so does the latest trends that follow the New Year. Whether you’re a die-hard fashion fanatic or a mild follower of the trade, it’s always nice to have the experts jot down what you actually need to know from the insanely changing fashion trends. Around every corner (of the runway or the streets) lies a new trend, making keeping up with the latest and greatest seem quite impossible. We’ve decided to help you out and compiled the trends from the spring 2016 shows that are worth knowing about and investing. From fluttering ruffles to metallic separates, your future wardrobe is looking bright. See our guide to some of the best 2016 trends.

90’ Sleeves


Yes, 90’s sleeves is a fashion that is going to trend this year with all kind of outfits. Add some volume into your sleeves and make them look trendy in 2016 because it’s all about sleeves this year.

Off Shoulder


Off shoulder is another trend for dresses that stayed quite popular in 2015 and is going to stay even popular this spring with many variations in it. Off shoulders can be flaunted with a top or a beach or a daytime dress. You can also carry off shoulder with an evening wear and make yourself look trendy on a fine night.

Metallic Separates


Metallic Seperates were seen trending on spring 2016 runways all around the world. Designers paid special attention to these separates. Matching separates look really chic and are the best to carry any day!

Reflective Frames


If we take a look at sunglasses trend this year so there are a lot many variations in glasses this year. From the small circular frames to big and thick framed glasses, it’s all trending. Cat eye sunglasses were also seen on streets this year. But one trend that needs a shout out are cool reflective sunglasses that are going to make its way even in 2016.

Delicate Bags


Bags are one thing that add a whole look top your outfit. Your bag should always go well with your dress. 2015 had many jumps in bag trends but in 2016 we are going to again see some delicate, classy bags back in trend. Printed bags in stripes will also trend.

Paper bag dresses


Paper bag dresses were another major fashion forward seen in spring 2016 runways. Paper bags dresses add volume and always are safe to wear. But paper bag dresses are not for everyone. You need to be lean and smart to carry this look.

Shalwar Kameez


Coming to our eastern dresses trend, it’s the shalwar kameez that is going to make its way back this year. Yes short shirts and flared shalwars will be very much back this summers. This is also going to trend on runways this year. Designers will be seen supporting this trend.



Ruffled shirts and dresses also made a comeback on runways this year. Ruffle up your shoulders or neck this year to stay trendy.

Unexpected accessories


Some unexpected accessories are making their way into fashion. Jewelry designers are seen experimenting with accessories and are bringing new variations into accessories heading from ear cuffs to hand cuffs, there is a lot more coming for jewelry lovers to experiment from.

Bell trousers


Flared pants, bell trousers, cropped culottes, they are all back! One can pair a flared pants with a crop top or button down shirt and look casual and trendy on any day.

Bedroom eyes


If one talks about makeup trends that are going to be in limelight this year then it’s the bedroom eyes and bright and dark lip colors that is still going to stay popular make up trend in 2016.

Arva Aslam

Arva Aslam

Arva Aslam is a fashion designer, fashion blogger and a student of MPhil.