Montblanc has been a consistently present beacon in the luxury brand market for nearly a century. Having been celebrated for generations as the paramount creator of writing instruments, this crafted masterpiece is one of a kind. Highlighted in prominent and highest summit in the Alps, Montblanc defines the conviction of preservation and opulence.

With operations in more than seventy countries, Montblanc is a clear symbol of class and elegance amalgamated in a solid boy. Selling products exclusively through an international network of authorised retailers, and more than 360 boutiques, the brand Montblanc has become prominent in all corners of the globe.

The Word ‘Montblanc’ written around the ring of the pen’s cap with the small size of serial number engraved along enhances its beauty and worth altogether. It is made up of such a resin that glows red when a light passes through the Montblanc pen. The product is also imprinted with a white pearl logo at the pen’s cap. Montblanc pen are beautifully engraved with gold details as well as displays a beautifully exotic artistry.

Detail box
Original Montblanc provides the detail box with it, which is made by company to let their consumers have a look about the complete user guide. While, a copy or imitation usually comes with low standard of packaging and a small with substandard user guide.

Serial Number
One other interesting fact to distinguish a real Montblanc is the two rings engraved on the pen show another point to look at; one is etched with the word ‘Montblanc’ and a serial number, which is upper ring. Lower ring is also imprinted with Montblanc but without serial numbers. Hence, counterfeits Montblanc also imprinted with serial numbers but the interesting part is that those serial numbers are often repeat on such imitate pen. Authentic Montblanc are assigned with unique serial number on each pen.

TIP, Carry Case & Star Emblem
Real Montblanc also has a readily identifiable tip, which is handcrafted with gold and has an ornate design on it, while the counterfeits have not. Montblanc also provides guarantee certificate in its detailed box that can also be crossed check with details given on the buying receipts. Montblanc pen is given with carry case, which is not only branded but also imprinted with a star logo present at the bottom right corner of the case. Imprinted star logo’s size and position carefully tells you the real story as its finishing and edges are exceptionally neat and well-finished. A floating star emblem on the cap of the pen. Make sure it is centered and has a uniform shape. A poorly reproduced symbol is a sign of a fake Montblanc.

Solid Body
A true Montblanc will feel solid in your hand, but most imitation pens bought and sold on the internet do not feel as solid. They generally use a different type of material to create them and according to most who have been fooled by the idea of Montblanc pens for sale online; they feel like a cheaply made pen.

Fake Discount Dealers and Fake Replicas
There are a lot of people who claim to be Montblanc pens discount dealers. It can be seen on most auction sites. Even Montblanc pens Amazon are not always real, though if one look at the price range of them, it is more likely you will avoid purchasing a replica. One easy thing one can look for beyond the price is how many the Montblanc fountain pens discount dealer claims to have available. Even if they are selling them for a good bit more than other sellers and claim to be simply selling Montblanc Pens discounted, if they have a huge inventory of them, chances are, it will not meet the quality standards you have come to expect.

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