Nestle Pakistan have recently been busy random sampling all over Pakistan to show the procedures their products go through before being available in the market.

Nestle Pakistan invited bloggers, journalists and pharmacists to show their state-of-the-art dairy plant at their Sheikhupura factory.


Being the largest factory in Asia, Oceania and the African zone, the site was a view to see.

Through this visit, Nestle gave their tourists a perspective into all the Nestle products, ensuring that safe and healthy milk is being provided to consumers all across Pakistan.

Nestle, in collaboration with Latitude CRS, conducted a tour concluding with lunch at the factory, recording the testimonial of all those at the end that were present to inspect.



Sana Talat Gilani of Daily Pakistan Global quoted,”the Nestle factory has indeed got state-of-the-art machinery and specialists are being sent from abroad to work them, ensuring proper techniques and procedures.”

The presentation was conducted by the team leaders at Nestle Sheikhupura, while each of the respective departments’ specialist walked the tourists through the different areas they were in charge of.


We thank Nestle Pakistan, in collaboration with Latitude CRS, for giving Daily Pakistan Global the opportunity to explore the largest factory in Asia, Oceania and the African zone; it was surely a commendable experience!