What seems to be a rip-off of yet another Bollywood ‘masala’ film: the dances, the romance, the dialogues and even the girls’ attire, we are not too impressed with the official trailer of Isharay Tumhare, starring Baber Khan in a movie after ages.

The cast includes big-shots in the industry though, and we love them! Baber Ali, Javed Sheikh, Sangeeta and Saba Hameed have us looking forward to this project.

Other cast members include Syed Arez, Hiba Ali, and Saima Baloch.

The movie has been produced and directed by Abdul Majid Khan under the banner of ‘Prodigy Art Studios’.

Watch the Official Film Trailer Here:

Beautiful locations of Pakistan in the northern areas are another bonus to the movie, and we loved watching the song videos in the beautiful, mountainous areas of KP.

Although the picturisation and camera usage/angles are great, the story-line seems like one we’ve watched too many times already.

The story also gives us a view into the lifestyle of students in colleges/universities these days, so that MIGHT be fun to watch.

We are not too sure about it being a family film, however. There are A LOT of uncomfortable scenes [bathroom showers, indecent voyeurism and so on]