Despite inflamed jingoism in India as Modi and extremist groups are keeping nation’s ego inflated by delusions of conquest, some sane personalities have dared voice against jingoistic Indian army and Government.

The ban on Pakistani artistes following the Uri and various attacks has evoked mixed response from people in India.

Celebrated Indian actor Om Puri who has been very vocal against discrimination with Pakistani artists and Muslims in India, recently lambasted the ultra-nationalistic hyperboles and Bollywood films spurring hate-mongering against Pakistan, saying it is about the people who have their relatives and families living on other sides of borders.

“Do not make this another Israel-Palestine war,” Om Puri said.

Referring to Indian soldiers he said, “We haven’t forced them to join army.” He further said, “Prepare 15-20 people as suicide bomber and send them to Pakistan.”

He further said, “Prepare 15-20 people as suicide bomber and send them to Pakistan.”

Puri had recently come out to support Pakistani artistes.

Puri said Pakistani artistes are not working illegally here and if they are sent back, Indian producers, who have signed them for their films, will suffer heavy losses.

“When the government is taking an action, we all should stay quiet. It hardly matters if we send back the artistes from Pakistan, who are working here, or let them stay. I have been to Pakistan six times and have met people from all strata,” the 65-year-old actor said.

“I have always received love and warmth. If the Pakistani actors leave the projects they are doing here in middle, then people in India (filmmakers) will also face financial loss. Hence, this is insignificant. The actors have not come here through any illegal way. They have valid visa. But, if the government will ask them to leave, then it is different,” he said.

“I have always believed that art should stand alone. Even if you take the worst periods in a nation’s history, World War II, art still had its voice. I don’t think the two should be mixed.

“Having said that, the India-Pakistan situation is an extremely complex one. We are all part of the same country. 60-70 years is a very short period to actually find some kind of peaceful common ground.”