MUMBAI – Rumors of a ‘patch-up’ are afloat after Bollywood superstars Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif were seen holding hands. A picture of the ex-couple went viral over the internet when director Anurag Basu took to Twitter to share a picture of the two actors stepping out of a studio hand-in-hand.

In one of the pictures, Basu morphed a childhood picture of the actors along with the caption, “Day 1 Jagga Jasoos to Last Day Jagga Jasoos. How time flies.”

Ranbir and Katrina are all set to be seen in the latest Anurag Basu flick Jagga Jasoos. The two superstars are amongst the most talked-about couples in Bollywood. They parted ways romantically around the same time last year and ever since then have been avoiding questions about their personal life together, seldom posting on social media and sharing things out in the open.

Could this be a PR stunt by director Anurag Basu to ensure his much-anticipated film gains, even more, publicity before its accustomed release? Or have the two actors really gotten back together?

Or, is this just a casual picture of two friends having a good time together being blown out of proportion?