Pakistani women have always debated which skincare products to choose as we don’t have many local cosmetics brands. Foreign brands are in vogue and people tend to trust them more than Pakistani brands.

Our research team found that apart from Maybelline New York, another brand that Pakistani girls’ use is Oriflame, a Swedish brand paving its way in the international market which has its sights set on Pakistan.


Founded in 1967 by two brothers and their friend, Oriflame is now an international beauty company selling directly in more than 60 countries worldwide, including Pakistan.

Oriflamme has products ranging from skincare to hair and fragrances to fashion accessories.


Our survey found that the products are good and very effective. The only complaint that the public has with this fine brand is that they only offer products at registered franchises in a few metropolitan centers.

In Lahore, they have one franchise that is unable to cope with extensive consumer demand. People over here are looking forward to find the brand’s products easily at all famous cosmetic stores.

Oriflame Sweden-Pakistan is already working on ways to extend their distribution. Let’s hope they do it quickly.