Contributed By: MINA JAHANGIR

Faux Pas!

Noor Bukhaari seriously needs some tough love to educate her in the art of dressing to flatter her busty body type. This shapeless olive green dress is hideous to say the least, and since this statement was spotted at an Eid show recording, the entire Pakistan has yet to endure this disaster of an outfit on national television!

After stunning us with her voguish transformation at the LSA’17, Sanam decided to make us weep with disappointment by taking this heavily embroidered bridal Sania Maskatiya number to the red carpet of the London Eastern Eye Awards. These swanky bell bottoms and embroidered floral peplum top simply don’t make the cut for red carpet glamour. We can only wonder when our Pakistani celebrities will stop flaunting bridal dresses on the red carpet!

Iman Ali hails from the top most tier of supermodels in the Pakistani fashion industry, right? So, is it too much to expect that a supermodel of her stature would make a classier wardrobe choice to support the launch of Haroon Shareef Jewellery’s new flagship store? This plain white button-down with its deeply plunging neckline looks sultry in the tackiest of ways, and we’re so disappointed that even her sensual matter than matte red pout can’t make up for the tackiness of this look!

There’s something so unbearably uncomfortable about this horridly stacked up statement that Anush Ammar decided to flaunt in the scorching hot month of May. It is so NOT summer-friendly, and truth be told, it appears like a failed attempt to showcase all the brands she owns in blue. We would really like to ask her, does she always wear her festive Manolo Blahniks to casual launch events? What a terrible Faux Pas!

It appears as if Humaima Malick asked a 12 year old to dress her up for the launch of the Karachi Social last month. Her sheer black top, paired up with a sparkly black bustier (the tackiest choice a woman could make), and a glittery metallic gold midi skirt is an utter and unavoidable disaster. It doesn’t complement her age or her figure, and those gilded gold kitten heels just make me want to scream with rage.

Dearest Sana Fakhar, we understand that you adore flaunting jumpsuits, but dear woman, they simply don’t flatter your apple shaped-physique and make you look horridly misshaped. Dare we say it? Sana, they make you look FAT!

I adore Zhalay Sarhadi, which is why it came as such a terrible shock to see her flaunting this terrible faux pas at the launch of Karachi Social. This black sweatshirt-like top with statement sleeves looks awkward and paired up with this heavily pleated pair of tulip pants, the entire outfit just denies us the glamour of Zhalay’s shapely curvature.

We hold Nida Yasir responsible for torturing us by flaunting heavily embroidered bridal dresses in the wee hours of early morning. Her morning shows, which may be watched by millions, are just as ridiculous as this misplaced statement for an Eid show recording. Seriously, who in their right mind will ever plan to wear embroidered chiffon on Eid this summer?

Here’s another body type lesson for Noor Bukhari. Dear woman, this loose top does little to support your busty chest, while that low waist skirt only makes your lower body look fatter. So, do yourself a favour and stock up some sharply structured tops and high-waisted bottoms to tuck in that protruding muffin top we can spot in this outfit!

Trust Ayeza to pick the easy way out with classic outfits and plain traditional looks. This sequined lace dress by Subeenaz looks great, but it lacks innovation, creativity and most importantly, the hottest trends of the season. We truly want to see this gorgeous TV star experiment with some bold trends!