The groom walked in with his second wife as the bride stood shocked in the ceremony.


A bride from UAE divorces her newlywed husband in the middle of their wedding ceremony after this shock and trauma.

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The wedding planner Abdul Naser Naser was taken onboard as the groom insisted on changing the playlist which the bride had decided. He had planned out all the details for their luxury wedding at one of the country’s most prestigious resorts. A few days before the ceremony, he got a call from the groom who asked him to change songs they had picked for the playlist, in response he was told that would be problematic because they were selected by his soon-to-be bride, Naser told. The planner was shocked after the plan was shared with him according to the Al-Bayan news reports.

The groom explained the new songs were dedicated to his second wife and the wife was going to be the wedding’s ‘surprise’ -Naser 

He further explained how all these  personal matters were out of his work domain and that he would never get involved but he was made a part of it as the groom insisted on making changes.



This was a terrible way of getting revenge from the bride who stood shocked in her wedding ceremony. She walked out and filed for a divorce. People had different things to say about it when the news broke.

Groom was the new troll!! ( he got what he deserved). 

“He wanted to punish her, ended up punishing himself. Poor thing.”

The people who support such incidents calling them “manly” must re-evaluate their meaning of “manly”. 

“To the people who are hailing the groom, calling him manly over this: You’re small-minded and your understanding of manhood is immature.”

There is always a right way to do things: 

“If he thought they weren’t compatible he should’ve asked for separation and then married someone else”

The most apt reply was: 

“Saying that she wanted to undermine him by imposing her personality and opinions on him means that she’s a woman who has standards, goals and self-appreciation. This misogynist groom thinks these things must fall under his control. So many men aim to destruct determined women because they won’t comply to them and are seen as a threat to their fragile manhoods. She did the best thing by asking for a divorce.”- (@Juma_nah4)

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The bride took the best step to divorce the groom fighting against the idea of “manhood”.