Doing so much good in Ramazan is never easy. It takes effort. And effort makes us hungry – and starves us if we are already hungry because of the fast.

So naturally, we all search for the perfect ‘Iftar’ deal during Ramazan; preferably one that doesn’t involve slaving away in the kitchen for hours in this scorching heat.

Here is where restaurants around the country come in and save the day, offering ‘not much pain, all gain (in terms of inches around your waist)’ Iftar deals. And while some of them are over-the-top expensive, others weigh in more reasonably.

Here’s the best of what Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi have to offer in Ramazan:

1. Masooms Pancake Lounge, Lahore

The cafe is has an amazing deal this Ramazan, offering a complete three-course meal (starter, main course and dessert) for Rs.1159 only (exclusive of taxes).


2. Nando’s, Lahore

Nando’s too has left no stone unturned in offering a complete Iftar meal.

Its deal includes 2 quarter chickens, 1 garlic bread, 1 peri chips, 1 peri bites, 1 spicy rice and 2 bottomless drinks for Rs.1300+tax only. And if you’re a party of four, for Rs.2600+tax you can get double the food.


3. La Montana, Islamabad

La Montana is serving Iftar+Dinner buffet for Rs.1195+tax only.

la montana

4. Monal Tree House, Islamabad

Monal presents iftar+dinner buffet for Rs.1395+tax only.

The menu features:


5. Avari Towers, Karachi

Karachi is a city where food is yearned for more than anything. Avari Towers in Karachi serves Iftar Buffet+dinner for Rs. 2950+tax with a 15% discount from Monday-Thursday. Sky grill in the same tower serves Iftar buffet for Rs.1995+tax only.


6. Ginsoy, Karachi


Ginsoy Karachi throws a flat 50% off on dine-in for the first 10 days of Ramazan and the same discount on take away till 20th  Ramazan exclusively from 11pm-1am.

7. Fuchsia

Fuchsia being a symbol of extravagance, surprises us this Ramzan by offering a scrumptious platter for only Rs.1745+tax.


8. Pie in the Sky bistro Karachi

Caffe Chatter Box presents a tempting Iftar platter at its bistro location in Bahadurabad at only Rs.950+tax.

pie in the sky

At Zamzama, the menu is as follows


Take your pick from these deals, and reward yourself this Ramazan with the best money can buy.