LAHORE – Veteran singer Naheed Akhtar, known for her famous songs such as ‘Hamara Parcham’, ‘Allah Hi Allah Kia Karo’, ‘Bijli Bhari Hai’ and many more recently received an award by the Punjab Government for her services (to the music and film industry) of 10 million PKR at Alhamra Arts Council.

This came after an appeal was filed to Punjab CM Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif  for financial support after the death of Naheed’s husband.

Naheed Akhtar was thankful to the government and said, “I am very happy today, Shehbaz Sharif has proved that he is contributing a lot for the artist community.”

Naheed Akhtar started her singing career in 1970 at Radio Pakistan Multan in a duet with Khalid Asghar ‘Raag Malhar’. Naheed has contributed alot to the industry and sang in many genres of music including pop, ghazal, classical and Punjabi folk.