ISLAMABAD – After an unprovoked firing by Afghan forces near Chaman that claimed 12 lives on Friday, Afghanistan’s officials have admitted their mistake in in identifying the boundary in the area.

According to Dawn news, Pakistan and Afghanistan’s directors general of military operations (DGMOs) held a hotline conversation during which the Afghan official admitted his side’s mistake and the firing was stopped at the border.

“Afghan director general, military operations, acknowledged that border is in between villages and not at the ditch… as being perceived by them,” Dawn quoted statement of Inter-Services Public Rela­tions (ISPR) statement on the conversation between the DGMOs.

Afghan side also accepted that the ditch was well inside Pakistani territory. The Afghan DGMO was also told that “we shall continue our work within our border.”

During the hotline conversation, DGMO Major General Sahir Shamshad Mirza reminded the counterpart that the border line ran through the villages, adding that Pakistani troops and civilians were roaming within their territory.

“Afghan DGMO agreed to take up the matter and issue necessary orders accordingly,” the ISPR said.

Early Friday, unprovoked shelling by Afghan forces at census team in Chaman killed 12 citizens and wounded at least 40 Pakistanis, including children, women and FC Balochistan soldiers.

According to ISPR, Afghan Border Police opened fire on FC detailed for security of Population Census team.

Since 30th April, Afghan Border Police has been creating hurdles in conduct of census in divided villages of Killi Luqman and Killi Jahangir in Charnan area on Pakistani side of the border, read an ISPR statement.

It added, “This was done despite the fact that Afghan authorities had been informed well in advance and coordination was carried out through diplomatic and military channels for conduct of census.”