KARACHI – Former petroleum minister and confidante of ex-Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari, Dr. Asim Hussain led a prayer in the mosque of Ziauddin Hospital, Karachi on Sunday.

A video shows Dr. Asim, clad in traditional Shalwar Kameez leading Asr prayer with scores of other worshippers. After the prayer, sweets were also distributed.

The corruption-tainted PPP stalwart has recently been released by the Sindh High Court after spending approximately one and a half year in prison.

Allegedly, he embezzled money to the tune of Rs. 462 billion as per the investigations by the National Accountability Bureau.

Soon after the video was uploaded, social media buffs wanted to know the purpose behind Dr.Asim becoming an Imam and filming it. Some also scoffed at him for trying to pose himself as pious and noble despite serious charges of corruption.